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the Howgill Fells


About David Burbidge


I originally trained in voice work at drama school and have since been influenced by the work of voice teachers such as Frankie Armstrong, Kristin Linklater, Enrico Pardo, and Augusto Boal.

I have practiced and taught yoga for over 30 years and use it to help release the breath and voice as well as using ideas from other disciplines such as the Alexander Technique, Feldenkrais, 'Brain Gym' and Tai Chi.

World and Folk Songs

I have been interested in songs from around the world since I was child; my father worked with the United Nations in many different countries. I have vivid memories of the fruit sellers in the Polish Tatra mountains calling out in song what they had to offer, and of Cypriot folk song and dance in the mountain village where we lived in Cyprus in the 60's.
the Gladley Solemn Sound
Today I am also interested in the traditional music of Britain. I sing in a West Gallery choir - The Gladly Solemn Sound (pictured left) - singing songs which were sung in country churches in the 18th and 19th centuries before they were banned by the Victorians for being too lively.

I sing in a local quartet, singing folk songs from around the world, and lead several harmony singing groups in the area, as well as teaching voice and singing on performing arts courses, and in community music and arts centres.

I also have an interest in sacred song such as the uplifting harmonies of Taize singing from the French ecumenical community and the Harmonic Temple arrangements in a similar style using phrases from other religions created by Nikomo. I lead workshops in sacred song and chant at the Dent Meditation Centre.

Landscape and Voice

My interest in the relationship between the landscape and voice started during a walk following country footpaths from Lands End to John O'Groats and continued during other walking tours around the world. I have a lasting memory of descending from the GR20 walking trail through the Corscian mountains to hear an Italian choir sitting outside their mountain refuge singing arias into the sunset.

My working life has included being an actor (my favourite role being the MC in Cabaret), a journalist (I was the health correspondent and agony uncle for a regional daily The Northern Echo), and a psychotherapist within NHS primary health care using voice, drama and the core principles of the 'person-centred' philosophy (empathy, authenticity and respect).

In my work with individuals I use some of these experiences to help my clients become artists and performers working with presence, release, and authenticity, as well as the standards of singing tuition - pitching, rhythm, intervals, extending range, engaging the diaphragm, opening the resonating spaces of the body etc.

I am also available for work with individuals and groups elsewhere in Britain and abroad.

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